Something From Nothing

Something From Nothing

King of Nothing has been somewhat of a personal project on and off over the last couple of years. Working a line between a diy start up brand and a platform for me to share my drawings and dumb ideas for others to enjoy and wear. 

But I wouldn't be where I am without the people and community around me so here's a bunch of people doing cool things!



A really good Friend of mine and possible my current number one fan. We have collab on shirt designs which are always fun to do. Peep his soundcloud and buy merch!.
Sound cloud - Link 



Photo Credit Nic Van (2016)


Skinroom is probably one of the leaders when it comes to gallery's and art spaces in Hamilton own and operated by Eliza Webster their openings are always a good way to meet new people at openings for exhibitions.  

 For more information head over to their website - Link

 Ushy Ushy

ushy ushy is the next person you should get to paint up the side of your building like just do it. Find him on insta - Link


Distant Locals

You probably already know them but still huge respect for Declan and what he has been doing with Distant locals and the New Zealand Street Wear scene.

Pick up some gear - Link


Seas of Conflict 

They have come a long way from their early days but still holding strong for the NZ Metal scene. their newest song MONACHOPSIS is worth checking out as well as the rest of their songs. You can find them on Facebook - LINK


There are plenty of more people worth shouting out but I think this is a good start for now. Let us know who else is worth checking out!


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