Update: Correction about MLM ACN

This amended on October 9, 2019, to reflect that the Federal Court of Australia found ACN is not a pyramid scheme.

Turns out when I was looking into acn and found the ruling from the federal court of Australia I had missed it was appealed and overturned meaning they were not acting as an illegal pyramid scheme. 

Following the previous blog. ACN provided the following statement:

ACN Pacific Pty Ltd (ACN) is a customer acquisition-based company, and a reputable and long-standing member of both the New Zealand and Australian Direct Selling Associations. ACN has been a member of the New Zealand Direct Selling Association since 2005 and commenced operations in New Zealand in 2006. The ACN group offers the ACN Business Opportunity in twenty-six countries.

ACN operates in a strict regulatory environment and operates a rigorous and responsive compliance program with regard to the activities of its Independent Business Owners and the operation of its Compensation Plan, and rigorously complies with, and enforces compliance by its Independent Business Owners, of the New Zealand Direct Selling Association’s Code of Practice. ACN is proud to say that the DSANZ has never received a complaint in relation to the conduct of ACN or its Independent Business Owners.

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